Theory and Practical Editions

In terms of reach, these are by far our biggest print titles, with a combined total of 1.8 million copies produced every year on a quarterly basis. Released in July, the editorial content doesn’t change significantly from one quarter to another (within a given year); it’s just updated here and there to keep the advice as up to date as possible.

While all of our other titles are given out by road safety officers at local or regional events, the Theory and Practical editions are unique in that they’re handed over at the point a new driver takes their test – whether they pass or fail. 

As a result, the Theory edition covers key topics relevant to preparing and passing the practical test, while the Practical edition focuses on advice useful for those who have just gained their independence for the first time. 


For as little as 15p per copy, road safety teams can customise the cover and centrefold four pages of the magazines going out through test centres in their areas. This not only means that local key messages are getting across to every new driver at exactly the same point in their driving career, it also frees up valuable road safety officer time for other engagement activities.

Across the two titles we cover:

  • Finding the perfect instructor
  • Structuring lessons
  • How insurance works
  • Driving test faults explained
  • Test preparation
  • Overcoming test nerves
  • How each test is structured
  • Mastering test manoeuvres
  • Buying a new or used car
  • Post-test training
  • The fatal five – and more
  • Essential maintenance checks