YDG cover.png

Young Driver's Guide

116 pages of essential information on the whole buying, learning and owning processes. It’s also unique in that it’s the only FirstCar product available in the high street; all of our other titles are available exclusively through local authorities. Price between 70p and £1 per copy depending on volume.



Drive On

With 54 pages of top-quality advice, this annual doesn’t make too many assumptions about what knowledge the reader already has, because some of them may have been driving for 50 years without ever having taken any kind of a refresher course. Price between 45p to 60p per copy depending on volume.


UGTC cover.png

Ultimate Guide to Cycling

The complete resource for cyclists - leisure or commuting. The number of people cycling regularly has exploded across the UK in recent years. The result has been more cyclist casualties, and one of the ways of reducing that trend is to educate cyclists better. Prices from 45p to 60p per copy depending on volume.




FirstCar has always been about road safety, and if we want to make a real impact we need to engage with as many road users as possible – not just car drivers. That’s why from 2014 we’ve published FirstBike, for those on powered two-wheelers.  Prices from 45p to 60p per copy depending on volume.



Theory Edition and Practical Edition

While all of our other titles are given out by road safety officers at local or regional events, the Theory and Practical editions are unique in that they’re handed over at the point a new driver takes their test – whether they pass or fail.  That's 1.8 million copies per year. Road safety teams have the opportunity to customise the copies going out through their local test centres from just 15p per copy.



Parent Guide

Much smaller than anything we’ve ever produced before, this 24-page A6-sized booklet takes some of the key messages from the Young Driver’s Guide and presents them in a handy pocket-sized format.  The guide is free of charge when placing an order of other other titles, or 20p per copy on their own.