FirstCar has always been about road safety, and if we want to make a real impact we need to engage with as many road users as possible – not just car drivers. That’s why from 2014 we’ve offered an equivalent to the Young Driver’s Guide, but for those on powered two-wheelers.

Called FirstBike, this titles covers an incredible array of topics despite the fact that it consists of just 52 pages. As you’d expect, we’ve made every one of them work hard for its keep though, and in true FirstCar fashion there’s a celebrity interview each edition.



Topic covered include:

  • Why you should ride a PTW
  • How to get into motorcycling
  • The various routes to riding
  • What bikes are available
  • How to buy a used motorbike
  • Choosing the right clothing
  • Essential safety checks
  • Motorcycle security
  • Buying the right insurance
  • How to ride more safely
  • Post-test training courses