Road Safety Performance Forum

Road Safety Performance Forum

The Road Safety Performance Forum is a collection of road safety professionals from across the country, wishing to share and garner knowledge, insight and ideas around road safety performances including Safe Drive Stay Alive, Learn2Live and Licence2Kill.

Organised by FirstCar, hosted by Hertfordshire County Council and co-chaired by Deana Frost (Herts CC) and Mark Taylor (Surrey F&R), these meetings are lively and packed-full of interesting discussion. Agendas are circulated in advance of each meeting and minutes forwarded in the days afterwards. 

Lunch and refreshments are provided. Anyone wishing to attend should contact James Evans on or complete the form.

Download the July 12th draft agenda by clicking here

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Young Driver Focus 2016
9:00am 9:00am

Young Driver Focus 2016


As all road safety professionals know, young drivers are at high risk of crashing when they obtain a full licence and begin to drive unsupervised. As an example, an 18-year-old is at six times higher risk of crashing than their parents and at three times higher risk of crashing than a 35-year-old who has just passed their driving test.

Finding ways of reducing crashes and casualties caused by young, newly qualified drivers is a key challenge for the Government, road safety professionals and private sector organisations such as insurance companies. Now in its third year, Young Driver Focus 2016 will examine current and future thinking with regard to this vital issue, and what is being done now and in the future to improve the situation.

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