Drive On

As our name suggests, FirstCar has always focused on new drivers. But as a road safety title we can’t ignore the fact that it’s not just new drivers who are disproportionately represented in the casualty figures – so are those with years of experience behind the wheel.

That’s why for the first time ever, in November 2014 we launched our first ever product for experienced drivers; Drive On magazine. On the front cover is Stirling Moss; he’s our star interviewee and the piece is utterly absorbing. 

With 54 pages of top-quality advice, this annual doesn’t make too many assumptions about what knowledge the reader already has, because some of them may have been driving for 50 years without ever having taken any kind of a refresher course. 

That’s why we tackle subjects as diverse as:

  • Insurance
  • Refresher driving courses
  • Eco driving
  • Driving abroad
  • Eco driving
  • Fatigue, distractions and speed
  • Drink and drugs (including prescription)
  • Eyesight and visibility
  • Renewing your licence at 70
  • The Blue Badge scheme
  • How Motability works
  • Giving up driving
  • Maintenance essentials
  • A Highway Code quiz