You should never judge a book by its cover. The problem is though that people do, and no matter how compelling the message, if the source isn’t seen as credible, your audience won’t retain the information, let alone act on it.

The challenge is presenting your information in such a way that your audience relates to it and feels motivated to change their behaviour. So many campaigns fail to reach their potential because of simple mistakes including poor logos and fonts, uncoordinated colours and cheap imagery or iconography.

This is where First Time Publishing comes in. We can help you transform your existing campaigns, websites and printed assets to create a campaign which can change attitudes and behavior. Get in touch to find out how we can help your messages come to life using the power of great design.

Our offers

Campaign microsite
from £1,500

• Up to 20 pages
• Integrate original or 3rd party video
• Embed social media sharing
• Source high-quality images
• Google Analytics for evaluation
• Sign up for newsletter form
• Optional password protected areas

Digital magazine
from £200 per page

• Multi-platform (phone, tablet and PC/Mac)
• Animated pages
• Video and images

• Full analytics
• Easy to distribute via email or embed into your websites



Logo design
from £95

• Choice of designs
• Introduce graphical elements (e.g. the FTP elephant)
• Supplied in a variety of image formats (JPEG, PNG, EPS etc)

• Variety of colour options