Offer 1 – subsidised magazines(first-come-first-served)

We have funding to offer 5,750 of each title (Young Driver’s Guide, FirstBike, Ultimate Guide to Cycling and DriveOn) out to each RSGB region at a 30% less than the normal price. That’s 75p per copy of the Young Driver’s Guide and 40p for everything else. This includes free delivery and packaging in dispenser boxes.

If a region does not take their full allocation, then the surplus will be offered out to others. The deadline for this is 31st August, so please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested and/or would like to reserve copies.

Offer 2 – free branding on your magazines

The bi-annual re-print of all our titles except, DriveOn, which is a brand new edition – goes to press on 19th August. For all orders over £1,000 we will provide a free custom cover to include your logo and/or other local information. If you require a loose or bound insert with further content, we can offer this at-cost.

The print-deadline is 19th August, so please contact me well ahead of this to ensure there is time to approve artwork.

Free storage distribution service

I realise that you are busier than ever, so if we can be of assistance in distributing the magazines directly to outlets of your choice then please let me know. Also, with storage being at a premium in many offices, we can store all or part of your order and despatch to you in batches as and when you require them.

Contact me

James Evans – 08451 308853 - 07800 822818 –

What's on offer?

Young Driver's Guide @ 75p each

DriveOn @ 40p each

magazine stack FB.png

FirstBike @ 40p each

Ultimate Guide to Cycling @ 40p each